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A Holiday Bash For Jerome Kern


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Nov 2003-Jan 2004

With Leon Max Dannell, Viv Goff, Bruce Hampton, Russ Richards, Anita Schwaber, Diane Steele, Jim Buckley, Becky Buckley.

An original PPP musical celebrating the life and music of the great American composer, Jerome Kern, and his many wonderful lyricists.

Jerome Kern belongs to that pantheon of the greatest American composers who wrote our most beloved and memorable popular songs. Many actually consider Kern to be the father of American popular song, given how he created fresh, modern melodies, uniquely American in spirit! Kern gave us an extraordinary bounty of all-time standards, beautiful and romantic songs, with unusual wit, tenderness and sophistication. Our cast of nine singer/actors perform many of these timeless hits in our show, including:

The intriguing premise behind this show is that the audience is being treated to looking in on a special holiday party, with hosts Jim and Rebecca Buckley (portraying themselves as PPP Artistic Director and Director of this play, respectively) greeting and leading their guests (all PPP singer/actors playing themselves) in a jolly songfest of Jerome Kern songs, accompanied by some lively banter about the composer's life, all of which is supposedly in preparation for an upcoming musical at the very same Pewter Plough Playhouse! Conceptually, it's a "musical within a musical"!

During the show, all of the players gather round the piano, sharing fascinating tales of Kern's life and the incredible music scores he wrote for stage and screen, of his famous collaborating lyricists and how the songs are a mirror to our culture as Americans, echoing our joys, loves and sorrows.

We all know these tunes! They are a major part of the "Great American Songbook," our core musical vocabulary, and are more popular than ever — being recorded by many contemporary vocalists from Tony Bennett to Diana Krall to Rod Stewart!

Our cast, led by maestro at the piano, Russ Richards, features Leon Max Danell, Viv Goff, Bruce Hampton, Anita Schwaber, Diane Steele, Rebecca Buckley and Jim Buckley. Nearly all the ensemble members have tread the boards in prior PPP productions. The Director is Rebecca Buckley.

This special show is a continuation of Pewter Plough's "Great Composers Series," our special holiday musicals devoted to outstanding songwriters of popular song — Noel Coward, Cole Porter, and then last year to Rogers and Hart and Hammerstein.