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Barefoot In The Park


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by Neil Simon

Barefoot is Brilliant...Pewter performance of Neil Simon's play is spirited and witty with an excellent cast. — Joan Crowder, SLO Tribune

Oct 22 - Nov 28, 2004

Neil Simon's romantic comedy is about newlyweds Corie and Paul Bratter, who exemplify the phrase, "opposites attract." Corie's mother and the couple's upstairs neighbor, Victor Velasco, complement the Bratters' extreme personalities and portray such universal relationships as mothers and daughters, in-laws, and late-in-life relationships.

"A spirited evening of comedy."

The cast features Kim Maston as Corie, the spontaneous young bride; Rob Maston as Paul, the conservative lawyer husband; Jill Turnbow as Corie's mother, Mrs. Banks; Steve Perry as the eccentric neighbor, Victor Velasco; and Bruce Hampton as the comic telephone repairman. The entire cast, including director Bea Morrow, lives in Cambria. The Mastons are actual newlyweds, adding to the believability of their characters' relationship.

"Kim is especially good as the cute sexy bride. This is Rob's first time on the boards in a leading role. It's a promising beginning. Jill Turnbow plays Corie's mother with a wry style that comes from previous experience as a stand-up comedian. Steve Perry plays the role of the bon vivant with wit and a hint of the charm of Charles Boyer."