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by Garson Kanin

Mar 6 - May 9, 2004

The delightful and timely comedy about money, politics and sex — a very funny, lighthearted look at abuse of power and bribery in both relationships and politics!

One of Broadway's all time hits, it is not only a wonderfully entertaining and engaging play, but particularly relevant in this day and age of political chicanery and corruption — especially in an election year! It tells the story of a bullying, shady dealing, scrap-metal tycoon, who comes to Washington, DC and uses politicians who are bought and paid for, along with his beautiful but slowwitted, ex-chorus line girlfriend, to cheat the system. But his schemes backfire when she is smitten by an idealistic, investigative reporter, who helps her see the light and uncover her own refreshing streak of genuine honesty and curiosity. She realizes what her "sugar daddy" represents and comes into her own as an independent woman.

The play was written by Garson Kanin, the gifted playwright, screenwriter and director. It also launched Judy Holliday into stardom, who appeared in the featured role on Broadway and won the Academy Award for her similar portrayal in the famous movie opposite William Holden and Broderick Crawford.

Our cast features Gailee Walker as Billie Dawn, Rick Auricchio as Harry Brock, Don Wilson as Paul Verrall, Jim Ragan as Ed Devery, Brian Sheridan as Eddie, Leon Max Danell as Senator Hedges, Hilah Danell as Mrs. Hedges, Sharon Woodside-Hanish as Helen and Benjamin Kaufman as the Assistant Manager. The Director is Jim Buckley. The Assistant to the Director is Anita Schwaber. The Stage Manager is Sharon Woodside-Hanish.