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A Shot In The Dark


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by Harry Kurnitz

Jan 07 - Feb 20, 2005

The spicy murder mystery, originally written by Marcel Achard and adapted by Harry Kurnitz, is about an extremely candid and vivacious parlor maid who is accused of murdering her lover.

Though every sign points to her guilt, the magistrate believes in her innocence. Twists and turns beget mystery and laughter in this extremely entertaining play which the New York Times described as "A bubbling saucy comedy. A light tasty souffle."

The show is directed by Cambria resident Nehemiah Persoff, who has had a career spanning over fifty-five years, during which time he appeared in nearly 100 stage plays, 45 films, and has had about 400 guest starring roles in TV. He is a resident director with the Playhouse and has also taught acting workshops there.

The cast features Robin Lynn Heath as Josefa, the guileless maid and James Dills as Sevigne, the trusting magistrate. Also cast are Malcolm Buxton, Anita Schwaber, Kim Maston, Luigi Paglialonga and Simon Wilder.