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Laundry And Bourbon & Lone Star


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by James McLure

Jan 13 - Feb 19, 2006

These two one-act plays give usa hilarious look at small-town life in Maynard, Texas.

In Laundry & Bourbon, we meet ELizabeth and Hattie, life-long friends. Out on the back porch in the Texas sun, they talk about kids and husbands and how "nothin's changed in Maynard since the Civil War." They are joined by Amy Lee, self-righteous and snooty, "a porcelain doll with Baptist fangs", who stirs up the dirt with gossip. Laundry & Bourbon is being directed by Bea Morrow and features Janet Stipicevich, Jill Turnbow and Kelli Rodda.

In Lone Star, we meet Roy, Elizabeth's husband, recently returned from Viet Nam, and his brother Ray. Roy laments on his unfulfilled life and how "nuthin stays the same", while Ray has to break the news that his whole world is about to change. They are joined by Cletis, Amy Lee's husband, and a member of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, who brings a secret of his own. Lone Star is being directed by Jill Turnbow and features Joe Eister, London Cain, and Miguel Valenzuela. Stage Manager is Mellissa White.