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Mary Mary


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by Jean Kerr

Jul 28 - Sep 3, 2006

Mary Mary, by Jean Kerr, is a romantic comedy of a "nearly-divorced" couple — Bob and Mary McKellaway (Malcolm Buxton and Kelli Rodda) — who must come together to iron out some joint tax concerns. Mary is still terribly hurt by the impending divorce. Always insecure, she has relied on her quick wit to poke fun at herself and others. Bob, a publisher of tasteful books, is preparing to marry Tiffany (Barri Veliz), a rich, practical woman who "soothes his nerves" whereas Mary has always ruffled them. Olivia (Diane Marie Steele) — Bob's tax lawyer — advises Bob that his finances are in too precarious a state to consider marriage.

Into the mix comes Dirk Winston (Jim Ragan), an older — perhaps fading — movie actor. He is a friend of Bob's who has written his memoirs. Bob is reluctant to publish them. Dirk meets Mary and forms a bond with her. Mary is flattered by Dirk's attention; Bob is uncomfortable to find himself jealous and must re-examine his feelings for Mary. The outcome of the story is never really in doubt, but the play is extremely well-written and was a major hit on Broadway and in the movies in the early 1960's.

Jean Kerr was the wife of Walter Kerr, the Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times theatre critic. Famous in her own right, she was the author of Please Don't Eat The Daisies and The Snake Has All The Lines, humorous essays about theatrical and family life.

The Pewter Plough production is directed by Anita Schwaber who previously directed Steel Magnolias and Once In A Lifetime. It stars Kelli Rodda as Mary, Malcolm Buxton as Bob, Barri Veliz as Tiffany, Jim Ragan as Dirk, and Diane Marie Steele as Olivia. Sharon Woodside-Hanish is Assistant Director/Stage Manager. Set Designer is Jim Buckley.