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Love Town


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by Michael Kaplan

A lighthearted, romantic comedy about a little seaside town much like Cambria. Winner of PPP's first playwriting contest.

May 2 - Jun 20, 2009

Love Town is an enchanting and very funny new play set in an idyllic and picturesque little "romantic getaway," where a newly opened gift shop becomes a haven for the impassioned and eccentric denizens of the village. When the owner of the Cozy Corner shop runs off with the Aromatherapy gal across the street, her husband is left to deal with the romantic entanglements that ensue, a quirky landlady and all manner of hilarious and outlandish escapades. One can easily imagine these offbeat characters and predicaments showing up right here on Main Street in Cambria!

The play won our first Pewter Plough Playwriting Contest, being voted the best original script from the submissions we received from throughout San Luis Obispo county. The winner was awarded a $1,000 cash prize, given by the Playhouse through a grant from Robert Lane of Morro Bay, the originator of the PPP contest, with the goal to cultivate original plays by local talent. Our judges praised Love Town for its imaginative story line and well-developed characters.

Our cast includes David Norum, Gregg Wolff, Karen Moncharsh, Craig Brooke, Sharyn Young, Donn Clarius, Daniel Harris, Blake Spiller, Mackenzie Allen and Anne Zinke. The Director is Karen Moncharsh. The Production Manager is Kathryn Kenny. The play contains mature themes.

Love Town has lots of connections to Cambria, so it's a hometown celebration!