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The Jewel Box of Community

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The Jewel Box of Community

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Jan 15 - Feb 28, 2010

The play is about an English professor and his wife, whose comfortable marriage has lost its bloom and both are secretly enamored with the attractions of others, when their college age son suddenly returns home with his girlfriend, causing considerable upheaval and hilarious, life-altering events. A rare and sparkling gem of a play. Kerr is known for her sharp and perceptive wit and is the author of "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" and the major Broadway hits "King of Hearts" and "Mary, Mary."

"Jean Kerr's comedy is fearless and paved the way for me", said the late Gilda Radner, star of Saturday Night Live.

Our cast features Craig Brooke, Rick Johnson, Lauren Moore, David Norum, Kelli Rodda, Blake Spiller and Kari Wastun. The director is Anita Schwaber, who has directed a number of plays at the Plough, including our production of Kerr's "Mary, Mary" in 2006. The Production Manager is Kathryn Kenny. The Stage Managers are Janene Norum and Colleen Spiller.