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Just 45 Minutes From Broadway


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The Pewter Plough Presents A Special Labor Day Benefit

Just 45 Minutes From Broadway

A major coup! Fresh from its oft-extended, world premier run in L.A., Just 45 Minutes From Broadway, by Henry Jaglom, is coming to the Plough for three very special benefit performances over Labor Day weekend. This is a special preview reopening of the Plough, as part of the fire sprinkler campaign and while sprinkler construction is ongoing.

The play is a hilarious yet insightful story about a tumultuous weekend spent with a quirky but loving family steeped in show business. The fine ensemble cast of accomplished actors (from TV, film and Broadway), all from the L.A. production, stars Tanna Frederick, David Garver, Julie Davis, Harriet Schock, David Proval, Diane Salinger and Jack Heller. The skillful direction is by Gary Imhoff. Playwright Henry Jaglom is also a very well known writer/director of films, including Irene In Time, Hollywood Dreams and many others.

Never a dull moment in this energetic production -Hollywood Theatre Examiner.

Jaglom's homage to theatre people will appeal to everyone -Hollywood Reporter.

This remarkable production is made possible by the very generous cast, crew and author who are donating their participation and looking forward to visiting Cambria; and by the active support of Cambria Fire Chief Mark Miller and the entire Cambria CSD. Jim Buckley, PPP Artistic Director, organized this special event and bids everyone to welcome and enjoy this charming show and the talented performers in our "land of incessant delight".