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Becky's New Car


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by Steven Dietz

Mar 25 - May 8, 2011

An Exhilarating, Life-Affirming Comedy

The Pewter Plough is presenting the acclaimed and thoroughly original new play, Becky's New Car, by Steven Dietz, an exhilarating romantic comedy, full of laughs, about opening up life's unexpected possibilities. Becky is caught in a mundane existence and yearns for something more when out of the blue she meets someone who offers her the keys to a brand new life! The play is stimulating and involving and has been thrilling audiences around the country since 2008 when first presented.

A perfect blend of hilarious comedy and substantial weight, a story about choices and consequences that could believably happen to anyone — Broadway Hour

"You won't see a comedy this good on television or in the neighborhood multi-plex" — Talkin' Broadway

"skillfully written...entertaining...embellished by some twists, turns and improbable coincidences" — Joan Crowder, The Cambrian. To read the full Cambrian review, please click here.

The Pewter Plough's latest ride is fun and farcical...you'll love "Becky's New Car" - Anna Weltner, New Times. To read the full New Times review, please click here.

very smart, very funny dialogue...laughter and plot complications stoke the intensity and diversity of the plot's chain of events — Charlotte Alexander, SLO City News

Our cast features Craig Brooke, Lori Cunningham, Christina Fountain, Josh Manzo, Blake Spiller, David Tune and Sharyn Young. The Director is Anita Schwaber and the Stage Manager is Colleen Spiller.