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The Glass Menagerie


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Our Special Reopening Production and One of the Most Famous Plays of Modern Theatre

Extended For Final Performances on Fri and Sat, March 11 - 12

by Tennessee Williams

The classic play, The Glass Menagerie, by Tennessee Williams, will open our 35th season and is our first production following our temporary closing for the installation of required fire sprinklers and other upgrades.

This is the literary masterpiece that launched Williams' career, a drama of great tenderness, charm and beauty. He went on to write many other classics of the American stage and became one of our greatest playwrights. It is a haunting and enduring story about the struggles of family life and the unrelenting power of memory and delusion; and is probably the playwright's most deeply personal and autobiographical work. It is also about the difficult process of coming of age for an artist.

The director is Nehemiah Persoff, the renowned stage, screen and TV actor, who has directed a number of productions at the Plough and has a special affinity for this play. Our accomplished cast is comprised of Jill Turnbow, Joe Eister, Christina Fountain and Kasady Riley. Lori Cunningham is the Company Manager.

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Jan 21 - Mar 12, 2011