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Lunatics In Love


Jean Miller and Tom Ammon

Photo by David Hance


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Lunatics In Love!

Or, Singing In The Reign (of Terror)

By Devin Wallace

Premiere Outrageous Comedy with Live Music

Produced by Espressivo Chamber Theatre, in association with the Pewter Plough Playhouse

Special One Night, Friday Sep 23

A unique live stage production is coming to the Pewter Plough Playhouse, the world premiere of Lunatics In Love! or Singing In the Reign (of Terror), a dark and outrageous costumed comedy set during the French Revolution, which also includes a bluesy music score performed live during the show. It's a farcical and bizarre twist on the tumultuous events of the French Revolution, based on fact, when aristocrats found a way to escape the guillotine by paying their way into a posh and outlandish mental hospital in order to be declared insane, where the partying is nonstop as long as they avoid detection! Our crafty heroes and heroines can stay "out of the Reign" so long as the hospital is not exposed for the sham that it is! Created by nationally awarded playwright and songwriter Devin Wallace especially for Espressivo! Chamber Theatre, the central coast's new touring company.

The cast includes Amytra, Charles Hayek, David Hance, Frank Solo, Jean Miller, Maggie Coons and Tom Ammon. Musicians are Scott Wright from Cambria on sax and flute; and Devin Wallace on string instruments. Co-directed by David Hance and Devin Wallace.