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By April De Angelis

A Juicy Comedy/Drama About the First Actresses On the London Stage!

Jun 10 - Jul 24, 2011

The Pewter Plough is presenting Playhouse Creatures by acclaimed contemporary playwright April De Angelis. A juicy, vibrant and moving comedy drama which explores the backstage and off-stage lives of the first women allowed to perform on the London stage as actresses, given that women were previously forbidden on stage and women's parts were routinely played by men in drag. It is a rollicking and robust story, taking place in the 1670's, focusing on the famous Nell Gwyn and four other pioneering figures, who stepped on stage for the first time as actresses in their own right, facing challenges still common for women, surviving on their resourcefulness in a troublesome time, causing a sensation with audiences and bringing theatre into the modern age — playhouse creatures! The 17th century has never been so much fun! Taut, hilarious and at times adult dialogue.

A pungently witty portrait of the stage . . and an actress's existence...you'll come away moved and inspired and with a few more female role models stamped firmly on your heart — Time Out

Great fun...well written....fine acting and terrific dialogue — Joan Crowder, The Cambrian. Read the Cambrian review in full here

Doll is played wonderfully by Anita Schwaber...Jill Garcia's performance is extremely moving and her emotional reach impressive...Janice Peters is hilarious...Kristie Siebert is wide-eyed and winningly offensive. — Anna Weltner, New Times. Read the New Times review in full here

Our cast features Jill Garcia, Janice Peters, Anita Schwaber, Kristie Siebert and Sharyn Young. The director is Sandy Bosworth, who previously directed The Mousetrap at the Plough.