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Tennessee In The Summer


Cindy Marinangel as The Woman.

Photo by Bill Devlin.

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By Joe Besecker

L.A. Troupe Comes to Plough For Rare, One Time Event

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 at 7:30pm

The Pewter Plough presents a rare, one time only opportunity to see a tour de force, direct from L.A. production: a Readers' Theatre performance of Tennessee In The Summer, a tribute to the centennial of Tennessee Williams' birth, starring Jack Heller and the cast from the L.A. production. Heller appeared at the PPP last year in the special engagement of Just 45 Minutes From Broadway. The current play is a gripping, intimate and mesmerizing behind-the-scenes journey into the conflicted persona of one of our greatest playwrights. Nearly every word spoken is based on interviews with Williams. The powerful ensemble performances received stand out raves from the L.A. drama press. $10.

The cast consists of Jack Heller, Cindy Marinangel, Robert Standley and Louise Davis. Directed by Barbara Bain.

A stirring production...defines great small theatre...created with the heart and soul and commitment of these unearthly talented participants makes all the pain of trying to create it worthwhile...rivals anything in New York—Entertainment Today

Superb performances make this drama particularly intriguing...Heller thoroughly inhabits the title character—Time Out

Critics' choice...under Barbara Bain's direction the action remains grippingly true to life—L.A. Times

The performances are nothing short of brilliant...power packed, rich with depth and range—Tolucan Times

Heller rides the roller coaster of Williams' mental ride expertly, with great affection—Backstage West

[Standley gives] The most heartfelt, most wrenching performance on any L.A. stage this year—Entertainment Today

Standing out from this strong ensemble is Louise Davis' beautiful interpretations—L.A. Weekly

* Very mature themes and language, no one admitted under 18 years of age.