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Outward Bound


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The Second Show of Our 36th Season

Outward Bound

By Sutton Vane

A Supernatural Fantasy Drama

The Pewter Plough presents a rediscovered and groundbreaking play, Outward Bound, a captivating and ethereal fantasy, interspersed with humor, about an odd assortment of passengers on an obscure ocean liner headed for an unknown destination: a mysterious voyage which will become an eerie and fateful revelation for them all! Seven bewildered strangers meet in the ship's handsome art deco bar lounge, none quite sure why they're there, with only one crewman aboard, and begin to unravel the journey's mysterious meaning, the pivotal back stories behind each of their lives and the telling ultimate truths and surprises in store!

This influential British classic, written in 1923, was a massive London and Broadway hit at its premier, led to multiple film adaptations, and startlingly prefigures metaphysical themes later made famous by The Twilight Zone series and other similar plays and movies. A very human and relevant story about creating one's own destiny and not taking things for granted, it is gripping, humorous and moving!

The passengers include a crooked financier, a snooty upper-class socialite, an observant neurotic who drinks too much, a good-hearted housekeeper with a secret, an apologetic clergyman and a brother and sister with family problems. Also on board is a quietly efficient ship's steward, who knows more than he lets on, and a late-arriving visitor who takes things in hand.

This is the play that set Leslie Howard on his path to stardom. At its first London opening, it became the biggest hit of that season and was a similarly huge hit on Broadway, with an all-star cast that included Alfred Lunt and Leslie Howard. A later Broadway revival, directed by Otto Preminger, starred Vincent Price and Laurette Taylor. Two movies have been made of the play, the first starred Leslie Howard and Douglas Fairbanks Jr., and the remake, titled Between Two Worlds, starred luminaries John Garfield, Sydney Greenstreet and Paul Henreid.

An entertaining play, with humor, mystery and some food for thought...and an exceptional set — Joan Crowder, The Cambrian and The Tribune To read the full review, click here.

Filled with humor, human sympathy and understanding laughter — New York Daily News

Consistently engaging drama up through the suspenseful finale...a strong reminder that when strong ideas are couched in strong stories both are highly worthy of reexamination — Talkin' Broadway

Often uproariously funny yet it also deals seriously with issues of class, spirituality and redemption — Theatre Mania

Our cast features George Anderson, Craig Brooke, Jerry McKinnon, Janice Peters, Jerry Praver, Blake Spiller, Paige Spiller, Mike Shanley and Sharyn Young. The director is Anita Schwaber, who is also the PPP Board President and has directed many plays at the Plough, the most recent being Becky's New Car last year.

Show Dates

The show runs Apr 20 - Jun 3, 2012