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Wait Until Dark


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Opening Our 36th Season!

Wait Until Dark

By Frederick Knott

The Famous Psychological Thriller

A smash hit both on Broadway and the movies, the Pewter Plough presents the well-remembered and intricately constructed psychological thriller about Susy, the unsuspecting and courageous blind woman whose life becomes a nightmare when she is besieged by three criminals searching for a mysterious doll, containing a fortune in heroin unbeknownst to her. A cool-as-ice psychopath and his two cohorts smooth talk their way into her Greenwich Village apartment, using every deceptive trick and elaborate ruse to uncover the doll. Susy gradually comprehends the danger she's in and while she struggles to overcome her vulnerability, the action builds through unexpected twists and turns to a harrowing cat and mouse game with an electrifying climax! Taut, gripping and suspenseful, the play is actually a strong story of empowerment and discovery and probes the question: what frightens us more, the evil you can see or that lurking in the darkness?

This is the story that drove Audrey Hepburn crazy in the movie, playing opposite Alan Arkin and Richard Crenna. The original Broadway hit starred Lee Remick and Robert Duvall. Frederick Knott also wrote the memorable Hitchcock thriller Dial M For Murder.

"Wait Until Dark" builds suspense to a crescendo...features a strong cast...Cynthia Anthony is amazing as Susy...a gripping show - Joan Crowder, The Cambrian and The Tribune. Read the full review.

So cleverly constructed that even if everyone in the audience knows the ending, the play still manages to bring everybody back to their seats after intermission — Leah D. Frank, The New York Times

Frederick Knott is a master craftsman... — Women's Wear Daily

Our cast features Cynthia Anthony as Susy, Donn Clarius, Kasady Riley, Jacob Shearer, Blake Spiller and Sharyn Young. The director is Sandy Bosworth, who previously directed Playhouse Creatures and The Mousetrap at the Plough.

Feb 17 - Mar 25, 2012