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Audience With Murder


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The Second Show of Our 37th Season

Audience With Murder

By Roger Leach and Colin Wakefield

A Comedy Thriller Par-Excellence!

May 31 thru June 30, 2013

We are pleased to present Audience With Murder, a fun, fast-paced, multi-layered and audience grabbing murder mystery, full of unexpected twists and with a whammy surprise ending! An unusual, Russian doll of a play, "a play within a play," that starts with a seemingly innocuous reading of a new play by an amateur theatre group and suddenly bursts into a murder mystery in the classic sense and then to a totally unexpected finale and terrifying climax. A stylish thriller in the tradition of Deathtrap and Sleuth, it was first produced at the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland in 2004 and was met there with tremendous acclaim and caused a sensation!

Roger Leach and Colin Wakefield have also written the farce Double or Twin; and Wakefield has co-authored a supernatural thriller, Sleep No More.

"This play is fun...a brain-teasing mystery...clever and compelling...a witty spoof of murder mysteries" — Joan Crowder, The Cambrian and The Tribune, June 6, 2013. To read the full review, click here.

"A chameleon of a thriller...packed to the gunwales with guile, chutzpah and humor" — Edinburgh Guide

"A string of startling denouements that utterly confounds audience expectations" — The Stage News

"Exquisitely plotted...An evening of taut and suspenseful entertainment, shot through with the kind of dark humor that helps to ramp up the tension" — Ilford Recorder

Our cast features Sharyn Young, Tracy Mayfield, Craig Brooke and Toni Young, who have all performed in many plays on the PPP stage. The director is Sandy Bosworth, who has directed a number of plays at the PPP, including Wait Until Dark, The Mousetrap and Playhouse Creatures, as well as serving on our Board of Directors.