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The Skin Of Our Teeth


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The First Show of Our 37th Season

The Skin Of Our Teeth

by Thornton Wilder

The Pulitzer Prize-Winning Comedy of
Cataclysmic Proportions!

A Love Letter to the Resiliency of the Human Spirit, 
While Poking Fun At Its Weakness!

March 22 thru April 28, 2013; Extended thru May 5

We are pleased to present the imaginative, Pulitzer Prize-winning satiric fantasy The Skin of Our Teeth by Thornton Wilder, author of Our Town, a wild and raucous ride through humanity's eternally tumultuous condition and ongoing cycles of destruction and survival, ultimately extolling our perseverance and resilience through the ages! This fun comedy follows the remarkable saga of a strange and extraordinary American family, who also represent all of humankind, who've really seen it all over time, as they deal with life's innumerable upheavals to survive fire, famine, an ice age, great floods, economic collapse, adultery, politics, end-of-the-world scenarios, many depressions and endless wars; while with each crisis, our family — and mankind — somehow barely survives by the skin of their teeth, gains a little from experience, and is left to confront a very similar circumstance the next time around. An amazing play about hope and life's perpetual catastrophes and finding whatever strength is necessary to pull you through! — it having considerable resonance for our times and being an optimistic testament to the invincible human spirit! Funny and provocative, charming and touching, with bold metaphors and a wacky and zany sense of humor.

Thornton Wilder is one of our most celebrated American writers, a novelist and playwright, who won three Pulitzer Prizes, being the only American writer to have won for both drama (twice) and fiction. He won the Pulitzer for his perennially favorite play, Our Town, as well as for The Skin of Our Teeth, and his philosophical novel The Bridge of San Luis Rey. The Skin of Our Teeth is generally considered his most avant-garde work, dealing with many existential and realistic themes and styles, such as characters stepping out beyond the story-line to interact directly with the audience and reflect upon various "real" problems and the story in the making.

"This is a rich play, a surreal fantasy enriched by gems of meaningful dialogue...Anita Schwaber directs, creating a tone that blends comic moments with the playwright's underlying message, smoothly flowing from silly to serious" — Joan Crowder, The Cambrian and The Tribune, March 28, 2013. To read the full review, click here.

"Custom made for this moment — along with financial chaos and war, there is talk of global climate change, endangered species, the changing role of women, energy shortages, refugees and a sense of that great engine of American ingenuity." — Chicago Sun-Times

"An amazing play, a play about everything and nothing, about the daily grind and the larger cosmic issues, about family and government and religion and floods and glaciers and the extinction of the dinosaurs" — Gail M. Burns for Massachisetts College of Liberal Arts

"A story both modern and ancient, timeless...things inevitably fall apart and disasters happen but they also get a little better the next time around...the fact that the war could be any war, that the flood reminded me of Hurricane Katrina as much as Noah's Ark...that the ice age brought to mind the flip side of global warming, these say a lot about Wilder's genius" — Matthew A. Everett, Daily Planet, Minneapolis

Our cast features Toni Young, Mike Shanley, Bev Praver, Blake Spiller, Jeff Walters, Paige Spiller, Jerry Praver, Mimi Kimball and Colleen Spiller. Chosen and directed by Anita Schwaber, who is President of the Pewter Plough Players, Inc, our resident nonprofit theatre company; and has directed many plays at the Plough, including Outward Bound, Same Time, Next Year, Once In A Lifetime, Steel Magnolias and Mary, Mary. Stage Manager is Colleen Spiller. This is the first play of the Plough's 37th season.