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Auditions: Moon Over Buffalo

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Announcing auditions for the backstage farce MOON OVER BUFFALO, by Ken Ludwig, directed by Chrys Barnes.

Auditions are Tues Feb 9 at 7:30pm at at 1525 La Cita in San Luis Obispo (off Johnson Av). Please park on the street and walk up the long driveway on the right.. Private auditions available for those who can't make that date.

Performances 29 Apr-29 May 2016, Friday & Saturday evenings and Sunday matinee at the Plough. There may be an informal Table Read before auditions so that those interested can get familiar with the script. Stay tuned for more info!

A funny, over-the-top, delightful comedy!

Rehearsals will be in SLO till we load-in to the theater.

Cast: 4 men, 4 women...every role a winner! You can "age up" or "age down" for these parts as long as it's credible.

Cast of Characters

The show is a fast-moving backstage farce set in the 1950s in a Buffalo theater.

GEORGE (50s) – Famous stage actor whose career has seen better days. He and his family run a funky repertory theatrical company that tours small towns. Drunk, lecherous. Always wanted to be a movie star.

CHARLOTTE (50s) – George’s wife and leading lady. A great actress, but also down-to-earth. Still hoping for a movie career.

ROZ (30s) – George and Charlotte’s daughter and sometime-actress in the company. Formerly in a relationship with company manager, Paul. Sick and tired of the instability of theater people, she’s been away for a while and has recently gotten engaged to weather-reporter Howard.

ETHEL (60+) Charlotte’s mom/Roz’s grandma. Also an actress/costumer/assistant in the company. Sharp, sarcastic, always in a battle of wits with good-for-nothing George.

PAUL (30s) Full-time company manager and part-time actor. Still carries a torch for Roz. He’s taken on the role of company “Fixer,” cleaning up George’s messes on stage and in life.

HOWARD (30s) – TV Weatherman and Roz’s current boyfriend. Charming and good-looking but gullible. Not the sharpest tool in the shed. Panics easily.

EILEEN (20s) – Ingénue of the acting company. Sweet, marginally talented. Had a fling with George.

RICHARD (50+) – George and Charlotte’s agent and lawyer. Charming, suave, successful. In love with Charlotte.


The PPP is always ooking for team members, too. Stage manager and stage technicians. Fun stuff!  Call the theatre if you are interested in being a part of this project.